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The all new PenLight combines the usefulness of a pen with the convenience of a small flashlight. When you are on the road or under a car or just in the dark and want a simple solution look no further than light pen.



Sam Splint

The SAM® Splint will immobilize almost all limbs and is an excellent emergency 'C' collar. If you want a light weight easy to use splint look no further.

Sked Stretcher

When a rescue stretcher is needed that can cope with almost all vertical, horizontal, confined space and water rescue* applications there is perhaps only one choice? The SKED basic rescue system comes complete to do the job.

Scoop Stretcher

Many have talked about what their Scoop will do. DHS have great a Scoop that does it all. A very useful stretcher which is highly portable, yet strong enough for most situations.

Oregon Spine Splint 2

The only vest type spinal immobilization device that meets all established criteria for immobilization of the seated patient. Find out why OSS2 is the superior solution.

Water Rescue Throw Bag

The perfect accessory for your water rescue activities, these water rescue throw bags are a necessity for boats and anywhere else a potential water hazard exists. Just think about your last river or water storage area rescue???? A 60 ft throw bag could have made it easier

Helicopter Tag Line

Designed to prevent litter spin while preventing other problems normally associated with tag lines, such as tangled rope, deployment difficulties, and storage problems the SKEDCO tagline kit sets a new standard.

CPR Face Shield - Resus O Mask

the Resus-O-Mask CPR Face Shield reduces the unhygienic aspects of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation by keeping bodily fluids (such as blood and vomit) away from the rescuer.